www.holbury.net is the hosting page for our various sites.
www.holbury.co.uk is the alternative to this holbury.net site.
The Redshaw family use www.redshaw.co.uk and www.redshaw.org as there family domains.
Mark, Karen and James use www.redshaw.co.uk as the family homepage.
Clive, Tessa, Thomas and Toby are another part of the family but don't yet have a home page but can be reached by email.
Peter and Linda are refered to as Dad, Mum, Grandma Grandpa by different parts of the family, they don't have a home page but do have email.
eatmorepork logo www.eatmorepork.co.uk, www.eatmorepork.com, www.eatmorefoods.co.uk and www.eatmoremeat.co.uk are the web names of eatmorepork ltd. a company belonging to Mark and Clive and a victim of bad timing with the Foot and Mouth epedemic in the UK in 2002. These domains point to this site for the time being.
www.szunder.com www.szunder.com is a site that will be appearing in the future. It will be the site of Czaba, Adrianne and rest of the Szunder family. They can be reaced by email.

contact If you have any questions regarding these sites then contact "mark AT redshaw DOT co DOT uk".
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